They make up so many of our childhood memories. Our imaginations took us to all sorts of places, it made us envision heroes and villains and conjure up magical places. They were powerful catalyst for some great adventures. So we took this inspiration and we brought it to life in the outdoors.

But it seems we’ve forgotten how to do this, with smart phones, smart homes, gadgets. Eyes glued to screens, we become passive participants in our lives.

The wolf children and their adventures are the perfect example of how we can change that. And get back to actively creating our own.


Wolf Children started as a self published Dutch book (Wolvenkinderen) about a pack of three sisters. Over the years the wolfpack expanded internationally and now we have projects and wolf children running around all over the world.

Wolf Children serves as inspiration for young parents not to fall into the trap of screen time. Adventures, outdoor cooking and mindfulness are the three main pillars of our tribe.

Our first international (English) book is set to be released in 2024. A digital mindfulness challenge will be released in the Summer of 2023.

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