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Ahooo! In this fast-paced, modern world, where stress and stimuli abound, finding tranquillity can be as elusive as chasing the moon’s reflection on a calm lake.
But fear not, for amidst the chaos, a pack of Wolf Children offers a howlingly wonderful solution!

Picture yourself running barefoot through the wilderness, guided by the Super Full Moon’s radiant glow, as you embark on an enchanting journey towards true awareness and mindfulness.
And guess what? It’s perfect for children struggling with sleep issues! Let’s explore the captivating world of Wolf Children’s guided meditation—a magical 11-minute sound journey that will soothe young souls and leave them howling for more!

Unraveling the Mystique of the Super Full Moon: Just like the Super Full Moon casts its ethereal glow upon the earth, this guided meditation seeks to illuminate the path towards mindfulness and self-awareness.
In the serene night sky, children learn to detect the subtle scent of stress and embrace their emotions with keen snouts.

Instead of succumbing to turmoil, they dance with serenity, unlocking the hidden strength that lies within.
The Super Full Moon becomes a symbol of hope, guiding young minds towards a peaceful, restful slumber.

Introducing Wolf Children’s 11-Minute Sound Journey: Imagine a sound journey like no other!

The Wolf Children’s guided meditation takes children on a thrilling adventure, leaving no room for restless thoughts or sleepless nights.
In this 11-minute tale, they wander alongside the majestic wolves, accompanied by enchanting music, captivating sound effects, and a magical atmosphere that ignites their imagination.



Wandering with Wolves is not just a captivating story—it’s a powerful tool that nurtures mindfulness and self-discovery.
As children dive into this fantasy realm, they immerse themselves in the essence of mindfulness. By focusing on the present moment and their feelings, they learn to tame the wild wolves of anxiety and restlessness.
With each howl and whisper, they uncover the treasures of self-knowledge, gaining invaluable insights into their emotions and inner strength.

And what better night to begin this mystical journey than under the mesmerizing gaze of the Super Full Moon?
As it beams down its radiant light, let your little ones embrace the first episode of the Wolf Children’s mindfulness program.

It’s a special gift, available for free, with no obligations—just pure, howling joy!


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In a world that never sleeps, finding inner peace is a true blessing.

With the Super Full Moon illuminating the night sky, and the Wolf Children as your guide, the path to mindfulness becomes an exciting adventure. So, gather your young ones around, let them wander with wolves, and experience the magic of the 11-minute sound journey.

Give them the gift of tranquillity and self-awareness, and watch as they howl with delight, finding restful sleep beneath the velvety canvas of the night sky.

A new world of mindfulness awaits—let the Wolf Children lead the way!



“Wandering with Wolves” is the first sound journey and guided meditation from a series of 11 rituals.
The complete bundle, offering lifelong access to 11 mindfulness exercises and extras for both children and their parents, will be available online soon!