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The first of September, during the aftermath of the Full Moon, something truly magical unfolded as a ragtag group of us gathered on a secret location. The stars of the show were a group of wild wolf children, coming from all over the country to join us for an afternoon of savagery. The space holders were two old friends of mine, Faisi and Matthi… and two of my actual blood brothers, Niels and Maarten (aka as the rock band Swmpwlkr) pulled in to provide live music. We found ourselves in an enchanting world where fire, music, movement and the spirit of the wolf child converged.

Here’s a taste of how the day unfolded, weaving memories that none of us will ever forget.

The Circle

As everyone trickled into the clearing, the first thing we did was get our faces painted like warriors. Each design was unique but somehow shared the same essence—a blend of wildness and courage. Children giggled, adults grinned, and even the trees seemed to whisper their approval.

Primal Movements with Faisi

The first main event of the day was a workshop led by Faisi, the dancer. I had known Faisi since 10 years, and his energy had always been electrifying. Today was no exception. He led us through a series of primal movements, also known as animal flow. From crawling like a leopard to leaping like a frog, Faisi taught the children—and let’s be honest, the adults too—how to unleash their inner animals. His session ended in a crescendo of hoots, howls, and laughter that echoed through the field.

Spear Crafting 101

After a quick water break, it was my turn to engage the crowd. With knife (or peeler) in hand, I showed everyone how to transform simple wooden sticks into something more primal—spears. The children’s eyes lit up as they took their own knives and began carving, their young hands discovering the ancient art of tool-making. By the end, we had a collection of handmade spears that would have made our ancestors proud.

Drum Circle and Warrior Moves

With spears in hand, we gathered around for a drum circle. The beats reverberated through the ground, up our feet, and into our souls. This was more than just a rhythm; it was the heartbeat of our gathering. Amidst the pulsing drums, some showed off their newly learned animal movements, while others even came up with their own “warrior moves,” a fusion of dance and martial arts that was as chaotic as it was beautiful.

The Golden Hour Portraits

As the sun began to dip toward the horizon, bathing the forest in a golden glow, we took the opportunity to capture the day in a series of warrior portraits. Each person stood tall, spear in hand, against the backdrop of the sinking sun. Those moments were frozen in time, a perfect blend of the wild and the poetic.

check some of the portraits here on this youtube compilation.

The Fire Ceremony

As twilight settled, with fire steel and dry hay, we conjured flames as if summoning them from another realm. It took us a while, but we managed to build a fire from scratch (a knife and a piece of fire steel to be exact).

Finally, Hawkeye, our firekeeper, an old friend from a different chapter in my life, took center stage. What unfolded was a fire ceremony that left us all speechless. The fire danced to the beat of the drums we had played earlier, and for a moment, we were all lost in its primal allure.

In that final flicker of fire and friendship, worlds had indeed converged—Faisi’s world of movement, Swmpwlkrs’ drums, Hawkeye’s domain of fire together with Baba Rich and the Wolf Children’s warrior vibes.

We left the fields clearing as more than just friends or participants; we left as wildlings, each of us forever touched by the raw, unfiltered beauty of life.

Until the next Circle, may your inner wildling roam free.

Interested in joining one of these circles?

Several times a year, we bring our global clan together for gatherings in secret locations. Ibiza, Bratislava, Cape Town, Mallorca, Berlin are all on the table for the nearby future. Imagine bonfires taller than tales, music that beats in your chest long after the drum has stopped, and nights where the sky is so clear you can see tomorrow. This is where magic meets movement, melody meets moonlight, and fire meets the freedom of souls who have found our tribe.

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See you outside,

Baba Rich